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About our Tours

We lead weekly tours into Oaxacan communities to meet with our borrowers to learn about their loans and project plans, and offer support for their success. Our tours also provide a special glimpse of life in Oaxaca; you will learn about different artisanal trades, traditional foods, and local economies, all while supporting the local community through your tour fee.

Our goal is to facilitate a cultural exchange and deeper understanding of the particular ways of life and traditions of Oaxaca, while introducing people to the power of microfinance and the importance of financial inclusion and education. Microfinance is a tool that has been used very effectively around the world to help people without access to traditional financial services lift themselves out of poverty.

Through our tours, you will meet an inspiring group of hard-working, optimistic, and problem-solving women who create their own successes through their skills and tenacity. You will experience a much more personal view of local life than ordinary tourism permits. You’ll be gaining not only a better understanding of the challenges of life here—in the second poorest state of Mexico—but also be helping to provide a viable path out of poverty.

The tour costs $850 MXN or $50 US/person. Lunch and transportation are included. At the end of the day, 100% of your tour fee will, first, be given in the form of an interest-free loan to the women you have met on the tour. Once the loan is paid back, we use it to give more loans, cover administrative costs, and support the rest of our work in the community.

What is a typical tour day like?

Our tours take you out into the communities of Oaxaca, where we visit with women that are currently applying for a loan. We generally visit one or two communities during a tour, some of them are well known, like Teotitlán del Valle, and others are less known, such as Abasolo. The towns we visit on a particular tour depend on which group of women are ready to receive their next loan. You can learn more about the towns we work with here.These towns are located approximately 25-40 minutes outside of the Oaxaca City center.

On the tour, we'll stop in the town centers to admire the daily rhythms of life and beautiful church. Generally, we visit two groups, each made up of three women who are applying for loans. Each of the women we visit will present her project —whether its weaving rugs or raising chickens, selling flowers or making tortillas— and explain what she has done with past loans, and what she plans to do with subsequent loans. You will hear about the projects, see them in action, learn about their community, and have a chance to ask any questions you may have about how it all works.

We'll also eat lunch together with the women in our program that have food-related businesses, either in their restaurant or home, to offer another way in which we can further support them and their businesses.

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