Our Supporters

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We are grateful for the support of all of the donors and volunteers who have made our work possible.

We'd like to specially thank the following partners for their support:

The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca has been a gateway to Mexico and to the Spanish language since 1984. The school offers intensive Spanish language classes to students from all over the world in the lively cultural setting of Oaxaca. The Instituto has supported this project by providing funding, unlimited space, a forum for reaching out to tour participants, as well as the invaluable time of its staff.

Planeta is a travel website that invites locals and visitors to share practices of eco-friendly, people-friendly and place-friendly travel. They've done an incredible job spreading the word about our program.

StepUp Travel is a website founded in 2005 to empower local people, organizations, and travelers to work together to promote quality responsible travel experiences and to emphasize the importance of personal exchanges, deeper cultural understanding, genuine benefit to local communities, preservation of the environment, and ultimately a more equitable world. StepUp Travel provided us with the first seed of an idea for microfinance tourism.

Rotary Club of Fidalgo Island. The Rotary Club is a club of neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. The Fidalgo Island chapter is currently sponsoring two groups of women borrowers.

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