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Thanks to a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers, our organization has been able to accomplish so much over these past few years! We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to join us in Oaxaca, Mexico. If you are interested in supporting our work through volunteering, please view the positions we have available and apply accordingly.

English Program Volunteer Coordinator
The English coordinator will support us by running our English program that provides free English classes to women and children in two of the communities in the Tlacolula Vally of Oaxaca. The Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting, managing, and training volunteer teachers, on-going curriculum development of our English curriculum, and working with the rest of the En Vía program to maximize the impact we can have in these towns.

Volunteer English Teacher
We are looking for a team of smart, dedicated volunteers to teach free English classes to women and children (mostly children) in the two communities where we work in Oaxaca. We hold classes Monday through Thursday, and are looking for volunteers who can commit to two afternoons per week for a minimum of one month. Previous teaching experience is helpful, but is not required. We have had many successful volunteer teachers with no previous experience, and we provide teachers with training and support.

Volunteer Program Coordinator
The program coordinator will help us make sure that we have the resources to run our programs and reach as many women as possible. They will make sure that we are running tours at maximum capacity, ensure that the tours have the biggest impact possible, and communicate with our alumni base to maximize their participation in the program. They will have the opportunity to assist in building this growing organization, and will be expected to participate in other activities to build the organization as needed.

Volunteer Tour Guide
Tour guides will be the face of the organization to our tour participants, and will help connect travelers with women who are applying for interest-free loans. They will be responsible for introducing tour participants to the ideas of microfinance, our program and model, the Oaxacan communities we work with, and the women in our program. They will facilitate an exchange between women and travelers visiting Oaxaca. Tours are crucial and important part of our program and provide the funding for our programs.

Volunteer Photographer
Photographers will play a crucial role in documenting the progress and development of women in our program, as well as putting together a visual record of the organization’s activities. Photographers will participate in a step of the loan process, and will be responsible for visiting the women to take a photo of their loan purchases. This step in the loan process ensures that borrowers invest their interest-free loans in their businesses. We require a minimum commitment of six weeks.

Maestro(a)Voluntario(a) de Administración.
Se busca voluntarios que tengan conocimientos generales de administración de negocios para impartir clases sobre como crear, manejar y/o mejorar un negocio a miembros de las comunidades donde trabajamos. Los maestros voluntarios nos apoyarían a crecer y manejar nuestro programa de Aprendizaje de Negocio en Oaxaca, Mexico. El curso está diseñado para impartir conocimientos importantes como el manejo del dinero de su negocio, la mercadotecnia, evitar perdidas, planear sus finanzas, etc. Las clases proveerán a nuestras miembras oportunidades para desarrollar sus negocios y finanzas personales. Los maestros serán responsables de impartir las clases, reclutar estudiantes u otros maestros, crear nuevos planes de trabajo, y trabajar para tener el mejor impacto posible.

Maestro(a) Voluntario(a) de Computación
Se busca voluntarios que tengan conocimientos generales de computación para impartir clases sobre el uso general de computadoras a miembros de las comunidades donde trabajamos. Los maestros voluntarios nos apoyarían a crecer y manejar nuestro programa de Aprendizaje de Computación en Oaxaca, Mexico.