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Meet Teresa

Teresa was one of En Vía7#39;s first borrowers and is a strong role model for other women in Teotitlán. When she first began participating in the loan program, she invested in her family&s tapete business. She used her first four loans to purchase the necessary materials to weave the wool rugs, such as yarn and dyes, which are quite expensive. However, as most families in Teotitlán weave tapetes, it can be hard to make a living in the over-saturated market, and Teresa had dreams of opening another business.

On April 18, 2012 that dream came true. Teresa opened Café Dulízùn (which means ‘Our House’ in Zapotec) to provide a space in town where people can gather to have a cup of coffee or a sandwich. She used several En Vía loans to convert the front room of their family home into the cozy, two-table café. Teresa participated in all aspects of the construction of this business, from shoveling concrete to painting the walls. One of her greatest expenses was purchasing an industrial espresso machine, and now she can serve up cappuccinos and espressos to tourists and locals alike. She also offers a simple food menu, including traditional tlayudas and sandwiches, but she plans on expanding the selection in the future.

Teresa has one paid employee, Maricela, who helps her in the café and Teresa is the first En Vía borrower to have employed another person in her business. Adjoining her café, Teresa also has a small gallery space where she displays her many tapetes and other clothes and knick-knacks. She says that the two businesses complement each other well, as tourist who are interested in tapetes, or a drink, both find their way into her space, which has increased her sales. Teresa wants to continue to grow her business by expanding the food menu, creating a second story offering more tables and a stunning view of the valley. She also would like to take a barista course since she learned how to make coffee drinks from Youtube videos. Teresa says she loves her work because she gets to be home with her young son, enjoys making food and loves to spend the day chatting with her customers.

Teresa is one of the women that we eat lunch with during our tours, and we always love our visit with her!

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