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Meet Esperanza

Esperanza, 72, and her husband live on a small ranch just outside of the town of Diaz Ordaz, bolstered by mountains to the North. They raise chickens, turkeys, sheep and occasionally pigs to sell for meat, a business endeavor which takes quite a bit of time and investment. When she was a young mother, Esperanza had a thriving chicken business, with hundreds of chickens. When one of her two sons fell ill, she sold everything to care for him. After that, she didn&t have any money to reinvest in the business, and Esperanza made and sold tortillas to get by. With the loans from En Vía she was able to start up her business again by buying a flock of chicks and some feed. In addition to selling the chickens for meat, she sells the fresh eggs and fetches quite a good price for them, as they are preferred over ones that come from large factories.

With the three loans she has received from En Vía, Esperanza has invested in baby animals, and their feed. With the profit she makes from selling the grown animals, she has been able to purchase different and larger animals. Though it takes more time and investment to care for a pig, for example, the profit margin is much larger as well. With her next loan she wants to buy more chickens and a special highly nutritive chicken feed to fatten them up.

We are excited to see what is next for Esperanza!

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