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Meet Gloria

Gloria is 55-years-old and has two children. She has received five loans from our program, investing them in making tamales and homemade desserts like candied almonds, manzanitas (a sweetened, preserved fruit), and candied pumpkin, which she sells at the local market in Teotitlán del Valle.

Gloria invested her first two loans in materials she needed to make her tamales and sweets such as corn, sugar, cinnamon, and firewood. Being able to buy her corn and other products in bulk has reduced her costs and also ensures she always has enough materials at hand. In addition, she can now regularly take the corn to the grinder instead of having to grind it herself, which saves a lot of time and energy for her - especially on large orders of tamales. Through these changes Gloria now sells at the market four days a week instead of three, and has increased her sales of her tamales and sweets from selling 70 items to 150 items a day. With her most recent loan Gloria bought a cart so she can now transport all of her goods in one load, and no longer has to make multiple trips to transport her things atop her head, which she jokes made her so short!

Since she began participating in the loan program, Gloria says she has been able to sell more products than ever before. With the additional profits Gloria ensures that her family always has enough to eat and sends her daughter to school in a neighboring town. Gloria says that selling more, making larger profits and easing up on the manual labor part of her work with the purchase of the cart, have been the biggest improvements in her quality of life since entering Fundación En Vía.

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