Women of En Vía

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Meet Casilda

Casilda is 38-years-old and lives with her husband and two children in the small agricultural town of San Sebastión de Abasolo. Casilda’s business is two-fold; she runs a computer lab and recently began a paper products store alongside, using the loans from En Vía.

She shared with us that when students and community members would come to use the internet or the printer, they were continually requesting items such as paper and pencils. Casilda kept a list of the desired products and when she received her first loans she used it to buy those items. With the second loan, Casilda also bought a laminator and memory cards; two items that she had been saving up for. With her third loan, she plans to expand her business further by buying a binding machine. Along with the paper products and the usage of internet, Casilda offers support to anyone who does not know how to type up a document or use the printer.

Casilda says that now that she has paper products to offer her customers, she has increased her profit per customer. She also notes that she is visited by about 10-15 customers daily, whereas before she received 10 or less. Casilda plans on further increasing her inventory and profits by including gift items in her shop.